I have learned many things about myself and now i better understand myself after writing these blog posts. I now better understand my relationship with God and who is important in my life. Throughout my blog posts it got easier to open up about my self and the writing about me became easier because i started to feel like i knew myself better. My strongest one i felt was my heroes. This is because my heroes play a huge part in my life and who i am today. My main hero, jesus, has had the biggest impact on who i am today and has helped carved me to be the man i am today. My sister aided upon that process keeping me accountable and bringing me to church and introducing me to God and church. I have learned from these blog posts just how much God plays a role in my everyday life and every minute of my day. The blog posts have really opened my eyes to evaluating who i am. The hardest blog post though was the 3 quotes with 3 different connections. Having to find multiple quotes to relate to who i am and my life and what i do was just challenging and harder to do than the rest of the blog posts to me. Even though all of these blog posts have helped me evaluate who i am and express myself and helped me make connections from my life and the memoir, i will still not make a memoir of myself. I don’t want to set out all of my personal stuff to the world, i just like to tell all of my personal stuff to the people who are closest to me, but who knows i may end up writing a memoir one day. I may change my mind upon that subject because after all the only constant in real life is change.

Significant Quote

Jon Krakauer in the book Into Thin Air said “Getting to the top of any given mountain was considered much less important than how one got there: prestige was earned by tackling the most unforgiving routes with minimal equipment, in the boldest style imaginable.”. Jon Krakauer is talking about his climb up Mount Everest and the hardships of getting up and down the mountain. He is saying that the biggest part of them climbing the mountain was not just the idea of it, but the circumstances that they went through was the hardest and most challenging part of climbing the mountain. The idea that Jon is getting across in this quotation is very significant to the plot in how hard getting up and down the mountain really is and the situations he had to endure throughout the entire book. Which relates to many things in not only my life, but everyone’s life. Where you are right now in life means way less than how you got to where you are in your life. You being rich right now means way less than all the work you have put into getting rich, like studying hard during college and putting the time and effort in. Also you being poor now means less than what you endured to get there, like drug addiction or gambling problems or jail. This  significant quote said by Jon Krakauer in the book Into Thin Air gets the point across of how he got up the mountain and the circumstance he was in is way less important and significant than just the idea of him getting up the mountain. This also correlates into all of our lives and life stories in how we got to where we are now and the road we took to get to where we are now is more important than where we are now.


I have a couple connections with the book Into Thin Air. One is how he believes anyone can achieve getting up the hill with enough determination. I am a person that thinks nearly anything can be accomplished with enough determination. For example if someone thinks they can not become good at a sport because of genetics i will firmly say they are incorrect, it may be harder for some to get good at something but it is still one hundred percent possible. Another example is when people say they can’t lose weights because of genetics or they can’t lift a lot because of genetics, they are wrong, if they are determined and work hard they can become strong. I love the quote  “With enough determination, any bloody idiot can get up this hill” because this brings upon my greatest connection with the book, which is with enough determination nearly anything is possible. Another quote i like from the book Into Thin Air is “at times I wondered if I had not come a long way only to find that what I really sought was something I had left behind.” because this quote just really gets me thinking about myself. This quote makes me think if sometimes i set my mind on something i think is best for me, but in reality if i open my mind and vision i can change my approach and accomplish more. The quote “We were too tired to help. Above 8,000 meters is not a place where people can afford morality” I dislike. I feel if someone needs your help, regardless of the circumstance, if they are not threatening you, you should help them. I don’t relate to this quote because i’m a person that likes to help people when they are in need, and if i didn’t help i would have to live the rest of my life knowing i could have saved someone’s life and i chose not to.


In the book Into Thin Air, Hitoshi Hamada said, “We didn’t know them No. We didn’t give them any water. We didn’t talk to them. They had severe high-altitude sickness. They looked as if they were dangerous… we were too tired to help. Above 8,000 meters is not a place where people can afford morality.” (Jon Krakauer,177)  He is not giving them water because he firmly thinks that he needs to protect his life, even at the cost of someone else’s life. He’s trying to achieve his goal over others, because in his mind his goal is superior. This relates to me being a Christian in a way because I have to spread the gospel and christian ideals, despite what other people think or want to hear. I need to show that i love Jesus, and shove it in peoples faces, even if they don’t want to hear and even if they try to share another false gospel, i have to keep what i believe and my ideals in line. My goal and mission that i get from God is superior to anyone else’s if it collides with what i am declaring and spreading. I have another connection to the quote, in school my grades come first before others, if someone asks for help and i need help i will help myself first. If it is late at night past 10 o’clock and someone ask for help im too tired to help them and value my sleep more than them, just like Hitoshi valued his morality more than the other peoples. I have multiple connections to this quote from Hitoshi Hamada in Into Thin Air, if anything comes in the way of me and my relationship with God, i will value God higher, and in school i will help myself before others and value my grades of theres and value my sleep over there’s just like Hitoshi valued his morality over others.


To me hope is an extremely important part of my life, it is believing something and trusting that it is true and that it will happen. I have hope in many things. Most importantly i have hope in God, trusting and believing what He says is true, and because of the hope i have in Him my life is changed and i have something and someone to live for and to dedicate my life to. My hope in Jesus has further developed me as a person and a human being. I have hope in my coaches for football and baseball, believing that they know what they are doing and coaching me correctly. In football i have hope that what the coaches are telling me to do in a workout is beneficial and will help me on the football field. I also have hope that what what they tell me to do on every football play is the correct thing to do to benefit my team the most. I have hope in baseball that what my coaches are telling me to do or fix in my swing will benefit me as a player and further develop our teams skill. I have hope in what my Mom and Dad tell me is the best thing for me and i should listen to them because it will help me as a man and a human being. Hope has impacted my life in many ways and i have hope in many things. I have hope in my Lord and savior, Jesus, i have hope in all my coaches in football that they are giving me beneficial knowledge, i have hope in my baseball coaches that what they are telling me will further develop my baseball abilities, and i have hope in the two people who have raised me and helped shape who i am today, my Mom and Dad.


Many things have shaped me to be who i am today. The first passion i had as a kid was when i was five years old. When i was five years old i began playing my favorite sport, football. That was my first year of football out of almost twelve years of playing football now. I have looked forward to August every year for the majority of my life to start practicing and playing the sport I love. I now train nearly everyday of the week for football. For example, I lift weights, run, practice my football plays, and I do drills all to better prepare me for my next football season. My dream for my future is to play football at a division I college, preferably A & M, and make it to the NFL. The most important part of my life is not football though, the most important part of my life is my relationship with Jesus. My relationship with God all began in my summer before sixth grade when my sister brought me to a church camp called winter retreat. That is where I decided to open my heart up to Jesus and spend the rest of my life glorifying Him. Jesus has made the biggest impact on who I am today and who I will be in the future. I am and will continue to make my relationship with Jesus stronger by going to church every Wednesday and Sunday and reading my bible everyday. In my future I want to become a physical therapist, if football does not work out, and either open my own practice or end up going on mission to other countries and be a physical therapist to people in other country’s who need help and share the good news of Jesus to them. The biggest part of my life, Jesus, and the sport I love, football, has shaped me into the man I’m known as today.


I have a huge connection between Into Thin Air and my real life experience. Him climbing mount everest going through challenges to achieve the thrill of reaching the top relates to me when i was in eighth grade when we won district in football. We fought every single game and put everything on the line. Which relates to him because he put his life on the line, with all of the risk like weather and lack of oxygen. In football games and seasons there are always losses like you losing a play or a player getting injured and not being able to play henduring the team. This relates to him because on his climb up and down mount everest many people died, henduring the strength in numbers and hurting him mentally and emotionally. Also in the aftermath of a football game and season you generally only remember the big things, which is when there is a big injury, a loss, a win, a hard practice, and a hard workout. This is a lot like Into Thin Air because the main things he mentions in the beginning of the book is the deaths and the road to writing the book and the many reasons writing Into Thin Air was challenging. I have multiple connections from my eighth grade football district champs and Into thin Air. Both my football season and into thin air had many challenges, like losses, that helped shape how we remember our experience. Also my season i had to put all i had on the line for my team and my school just like he had to literally, put his life on the line, to make his travel up and down the mountain. Into Thin Air he climbs mount everest for the thrill just like how i played football that season for the thrill.

My Heroes

My hero that I look up to us Jesus. Jesus InspIres me In everythIng I do, as In all my school work, football, baseball, etc. I have to do everythIng to honor and glorIfy God. I want to reflect jesus In everythIng I do and all of my actIons. I want everyone to look at me and know I’m a chrIstIan and know that I do everythIng for god and to glorIfy hIm. I try not to cuss, put other people or thIngs, lIke a gIrlfrIend, frIends, football, baseball, school, vIdeo games, my phone, etc, before god. I must not envy anyone, lIke J.J. Watt, BIll Gates, someone wIth a bIg house or a lot of money. I need to understand everythIng I have on earth Is temporary, and anythIng that happens rIght now doesn’t really matter. I need to not lust towards anyone, lIke gIrls untIl marrIage. I need to fear god and know If I put anythIng before God, envy, or lust, I have the punIshment of burnIng In hell for eternIty. Another hero I have Is my sIster. My sIster has changed my lIfe. In 6th grade my sIster brought me to church camp and started brIngIng me to church. She brought a lIght Into my lIfe and I’m eternally grateful to her for that. I would not be the man I am today at all If my sIster never brought me to Jesus. The bIggest part of my lIfe Is Jesus and I have no clue who I would be wIthout Jesus, I thank my ultImate hero Jesus, for speakIng through my sIster, and thank my sIster for openIng her heart to the holy spIrIt and allowIng hIm to speak through her. I thank my ultImate hero, jesus, and my other, less Important hero, my sIster.